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Does Your Project Manager Personal Brand Have to be Boring? No!

Published October 24, 2016 in Freelancing - 0 Comments

It's OK for project managers to have a personality. Here are 4 ways to breathe some life into your project manager personal brand.

1 - What do You do Better than other Project Managers?

 Figure out what your differentiator is as a project manager.

Mine is that I’m good at fixing broken projects and getting stuck projects unstuck.

What’s yours? What are you particularly good at as a project manager?

2 - Highlight Your Differentiator in Your Project Manager Personal Brand

 Highlight your differentiator in your -

-LinkedIn Profile (here's my LinkedIn profile as an example)

-VisualCV to supplement your LinkedIn profile (here's my VisualCV as an example)

-Clarity expert profile, here's mine as an example

​"I specialize in getting projects and their workflows launched, fixed and optimized, even for difficult clients. I've done this for startups, Fortune 500 companies and large federal government agencies, across a wide range of industries. Let's talk if you need help getting your project launched, unstuck or back on track. Think your project can be doing better? Let's talk about how to optimize it."

​-Expertise listing on Clarity, here's one of mine as an example

​"Is your project stuck? Is it at risk of going over budget and/or missing key deadlines? Is your client about to fire you or are your investors about to pull out since things aren't going anywhere? Let's talk to get your project unstuck, on-track and moving in the right direction."

Keep an eye on the questions people ask on Clarity. Answer the relevant ones.​

3 - Start Writing and Write A Lot

Start writing.

I blog about being a remote technical project manager in the freelance economy. Don’t worry if your writing’s not great at first.

Don’t let that stop you. It will get better. Read this quote by Ira Glass if you don’t believe me 🙂

Start writing about the project management angles that excite you. I write on my own blog and republish those posts to a collection on Medium. I republish on LinkedIn too. I publish on my blog first, LinkedIn a week later and Medium a week after that.

Write more. Write in places where people who are actually interested in PM hang out, like Quora.

Don’t write about the same old stuff, e.g. What's the best PM tool?. Or, if you do write about the same old stuff, offer a unique perspective. Do this by combining your differentiator with the same old topic.

4 - Highlight Your Personality, Don't Hide It

Let your personality shine through.

Most people think PM’s like us are dry, boring and have no sense of humor.

They think we look like this 🙂

project manager personal brand

Don’t be one of those guys.

Be one of these guys!

Be yourself, be confident in what you do, be aware of what you do better than most and don’t be afraid to tell people about it!

Oh, and have some FUN along the way!​

P.S. - Need some help bringing your project manager personal brand to life? Contact me using this form and I'll help you discover your differentiator.