Thoughts on Technical Project Management and Its Intersection with Blockchain's Disruptive Potential

Technical Project Manager, net link services

I Manage Technical Projects for Clients Around the World, from Brooklyn, NY

I'm a Freelance Technical Project Manager

I’ve been technical project manager for over fifteen years.

I’ve managed large projects and small projects.

I’ve managed projects for all kinds of clients.

I’ve managed projects at client sites and at remote locations away from client sites.

I’ve managed projects as a startup cofounder, Big 5 management consultant and freelancer.

I’ve been managing projects as a freelancer for almost half of my career.

Now I manage technical projects for clients around the world, from Brooklyn, NY.

Learn more here about the work my company, Net Link Services, does.

Me, a Freelancer?

I used to consider myself a consultant. Then I moved to Brooklyn. People started calling me freelancer when I told them about my work.

(I grew a beard too. That was a result of moving to Brooklyn, not starting to call myself a freelancer. I think...)

I used to think freelancing was only for people in creative industries. I thought freelancers were designers and artists.

I thought most of the people making movies and TV shows in my neighborhood were freelancers. I knew some software developers who were freelancers too.

But me, a freelancer? How could a technical project manager be a freelancer?​

Shifting Toward the Freelance Economy

Then I started reading about the emergence and growth of the freelance economy. I started thinking about the freelance economy's impact on the future of work.

I became excited about the growth of the freelance economy. I became excited about the future of work.

I feel optimistic that the future of work is shifting toward a freelance model. I feel hopeful since the economy seems to be rewarding those who make the shift.

The shift is taking place across industries. The shift is moving up the value chain. The shift is opening freelance opportunities to people with a wide range of skills.

The shift is making it possible for technical project managers to be freelancers. I feel that technical project management is a skill that fits the freelance model well. I realized I’d been participating in the shift for years, as a freelance technical project manager.

This is why I'm writing about technical project management in the freelance economy and the future of work.

Photo credit Vita Vilcina via Unsplash