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Here are Simple and Easy Project and Product Manager Definitions

Published June 17, 2016 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

​Comparing Project to Product Manager Roles is Like Comparing Apples to Apples

I've managed projects and products. I don't see a big difference between the two roles, if you view a product as a project. Then again, I believe project management should keep things simple.

I believe these two roles and their definitions get too complicated. Viewing a product as a project keeps things simple. Project management should aim to keep things simple. That's why I favor a simple definitions and simple approaches.

Let's start with some simple definitions.

What's a Project?

A project is a set of defined tasks executed to achieve a desired outcome.

What's Project Management?

Project management is defining those tasks, leading their execution and delivering the desired outcome.

That's it.

Yes, sh*t hits the fan!

Yes, in practice, sh*t hits the fan along the way.

I find setting a simple starting point sets a clear intention for a project. A a clear intention grounds the project. Keeping the project grounded helps focus it.

Keeping a project focused helps -

-Limit the amount of sh*t that hits the fan

-Bring the project back on track once the sh*t hits the fan

Everything's a Project

Viewing everything from a project perspective keeps things simple. If you view everything from a project perspective then -

-A product is a type of project

-A program is a collection projects or

-A program is a collection of products, since a product is a project

What's the Difference Between a Project and Product Manager?

So along these lines -

A project manager is a project manager. A project manager may manage a project, program or product.

A product manager is project manager. A product manager manages a product as their project.

That's my simple view of things.

Photo credit Raquel Martinez via Unsplash