Thoughts on Technical Project Management and Its Intersection with Blockchain's Disruptive Potential

Here’s How a Project Manager Broke Into Blockchain

Published April 13, 2018 in Technical Project Management - 0 Comments

I’m feeling excited, hopeful and optimistic to join the Aragon team as its product manager. We released Aragon 0.5 to the Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet on March 29, 2018. That felt like a beneficial day to reflect on how I came to join Aragon.

I started writing this post then. I’m finishing it on my flight back from my first week of offsite Aragon team meetings.

Blockchain and Just Rolling with It

My blockchain story started with a blockchain sticker on a mailbox in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You can read the full story here.

Before that, I started a career and life reboot. It’s evolved into a journey to align who I am with the work I do. I call that journey Just Rolling with It.

Just Rolling with It caused me to identify the skills I had that others would value and find beneficial. It turns out project management is one of those skills.

I realized blockchain was a space I wanted to work in. I began advocating for more blockchain projects to hire project managers.

The Ethereum Name Service

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) was launching about the same time I figured this out. ENS caught my interest right away. I believed and still believe it could and will increase Ethereum’s adoption within the non-tech population. Increasing adoption through better usability will help Ethereum realize its potential.

The first launch attempt failed. I volunteered to be the project manager for the relaunch. The ENS lead developer, Nick Johnson, accepted my offer. After that, ENS launched successfully on its second attempt.

I attended the first ENS Workshop in London. This was a fantastic opportunity to meet others in the Ethereum ecosystem. It was here I met Jorge Izquierdo. Jorge’s one of Aragon’s founders.


Monica Zheng followed me on Twitter. I noticed her profile, since she recruits for crypto projects. Her human-focused approach caught my interest too.

I followed Monica back on Twitter. She sent me a DM shortly after that. It turns out she was working to fill a product manager role.

We connected on a call and she told me the product manager role was for Aragon. She also agreed that technical project management and product management were very similar. I was interested, yet hesitant to dedicate most of my time to a single project.

I spoke to Monica, then Aragon’s founders, Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo. It felt like we aligned on many levels. Most importantly, we aligned on values. You can read more about that alignment in my Aragon team interview.

We continued to explore the fit and alignment over the course of weeks. This reinforced the match and overcame my hesitation to commit.

Now I’m writing this on the return flight home from my first week of Aragon team offsite meetings. I feel more aligned than ever with the project and team.