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Here’s What I’ve Been Doing in the Blockchain World

Published July 31, 2017 in Technical Project Management - 0 Comments

​I wrote an article earlier this year about the need for project managers in the blockchain space. I've started to do quite a bit of work in the space since then.

Here are some highlights -

1 - I'm the volunteer project manager for the Ethereum Name Service.

2 - I'm helping a high-profile crypto project, with a > $100 million market cap, develop their go-to-market strategy.

3 - I'm advising the founder of a promising crypto-project as he gets the project off the ground w/his co-founders.

4 - I follow the blockchain space very closely. I've contributed to early stage projects that have rewarded my contributions with tokens.

5 - I maintain a running Bitcoin P/E ratio chart.

6 - I'm doing business development, client management and project management work with a well-respected blockchain consultancy.

I also attended Consensus and the Token Summit earlier this year. Here's an article I wrote about my key Token Summit takeaway.

All these activities have taken some time away from the blog. Stay tuned as I continue writing about project management and blockchain. Like the blockchain world, this blog's an evolution.

I'm feeling excited to see where both of them go!

P.S. - Want to talk blockchain? Drop me a line here if you do!

Would You Like Your Own buytokenswith.eth Subdomain?

Published June 1, 2017 in Experimental - 0 Comments

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) replaces complicated Ethereum addresses with easy to use Ethereum names. I’m feeling excited for ENS’ potential to make Ethereum easier for more people to use.

I won the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) auction for buytokenswith.eth. I’m thinking about offering custom subdomains on it.

Example Use Cases​

Here are some use cases I’m considering -

[Names in brackets are placeholders.]


This example could make it easier for an individual to buy and sell tokens.


This example could make it easier for a company to buy and sell tokens.


This example could make it easier for a token issuer to sell tokens. (Although they don’t seem to need help with this at the moment!)


This example could make it easier for an individual or company to buy or sell a specific amount of a specific token.

Sound Interesting?

I’m not sure how this would work yet. I’d like to gauge interest in the idea, before investing more time and resources figuring out the details.

Please submit your email address below if you’re interested in the idea. I'll only email you with updates about buytokenswith.eth subdomains.

You can also contact me here with feedback or questions about the idea.

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